chocolate chip cookies twist.

listening to: johnny cash.
 i love him.

oh boy am i missing jacksters.
he is with his dad in san francisco for a week.
what do i do when i miss him?
i bake.
i run a lot.
i sleep in his bunk bed and maybe even cuddle with his stuffed animals while i'm sleeping...

so today {sunday} i made some delicious cookies.
i love making cookies for my family since their usual response to it is...
"are these all natural cookies?" or "are these vegan?" or "are these gluten-free?"

to their dismay, they were the real deal, yo.

i took the recipe off my talented sister-in-law's food blog.
let's just say, the cookies probably didn't turn out as they were suppose to or look anything like lindsay's cookies but the effort is really what i go for.

we didn't have vanilla so i subbed in almond extract.
it still tasted decent.
in-fact, they tasted like they should be in new york....
not because they are so good, but because a lot of jewish deli's use almond extract...

i also put the oats in the blender to make a more powdery solution.
i even placed the chocolate chips individually on each cookie like Linds does.

i made a lot and froze the remaining dough.
enjoy her recipes if you get a chance to try them.

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Crystal Escobar said...

yum, you're making me want some now.


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