the house that lars built

a girl that i grew up with, brittany watson, is getting married.  she currently lives in DC for work.
The House That Lars Built.this isn't any ordinary girl.  this is someone who is extremely talented.  so talented you talk to her for a minute and you feel like one of her talents rubbed off on you.

she use to be a designer for the ritz calrton, currently a major designer for anthropolgie, magazines, as well as dresses exceptionally, has the wittiest personality, has a bomb family that lives to streets from me, and her mom use to be a VOGUE model and ballerina.  all of brittany's siblings and parents play the piano like champs, as well as the entire string family of instruments.

her blog has been so fascinating as she is searching for ideas of how to decorate.
going to designer's weddings is the best.  everything is so detail oriented, artistic and beautifully simple.

among the many weddings i'll be attending this summer for work + play, this is in the top three that i'm looking forward to.
{if i had to choose my personal favorite theme, it's between  the veggies and romantic theme but i think they are all great in their own element.}

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Aubrey said...

So excited to be friendors (friend + vendor) at B's wedding this summer. Woot! Woot!

Anonymous said...



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