bon voyage disneyland passes

so it's been a while coming that i haven't posted anything about disneyland. since this day i think.
we have been going almost every week and now our season passes no longer exist... so here are some of the trips jackson and i have been on recently to the happiest place on earth.

trip A: 
just me and jack on a date
buzz lightyear ride. it's a must.
jack was totally beating me.
always have to ride the cars. 
sometimes we go on buzz three times in one trip.

trip B:
with jill and stephanie and jessica
dane's second time coming.
first time meeting lightning mcqueen! special moment.

meeting mr. bear at his park.

one of our favorite rides... soaring california. 
on this part, jack always yells, "it's uncle mitch surfing!"

trip C:
with cousin micah, right around halloween time
these boys love to get the maps and burry their heads in them.
it rained so hard this day. we (okay i) felt bad for the people wearing socks with their tevas.
right next to the castle; the boys making wishes.
micah's wish: "that my daddy will build a tent with me in the new backyard"
jackson's wish: "that my mommy will find me another daddy so i can have a sister."
soon after we rode the new and improved toy story ride.
the boys ran with the army men. i followed behind.
sorry it's blurry... cute little micah took it.
we rode this new ride four times. this is ride number two.
another new ride at california adventure. 
these boys are the greatest

trip D:
with cousin micah again!
of course the boys would want to smoosh popcorn more in 
the ground. why not?
waiting for their dole pineapple frozen yogurt
lindsey, you are probably thinking you'll never have me watch micah again after this picture...
so sweet though, they helped each other.

trip E:
with jess and the twins

teacups are still fun
the boys met woody!
they were yelling from the line, "there's a snake in my boot!"
then daniel in a deep voice said to woody when we were leaving, "i'll see you in the movies soon"
on it's a small world, they waved to everyone.

trip F:
with jess and sharon on her birthday
we got to see the fireworks and be there when it snowed bubbles. such a great christmas show.
the color show was so fun! the boys slept through most of it.

sharon, jess and daniel + joseph

thanks disney for the good times!

2 lovely notes:

Skye said...

i love these pictures...they bring back all my magical disneyland memories. you and jack are certainly the greatest team! so adorable!

meredith conroy said...

you are gorgggg even in the rain. and that lil guy is the best!!


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