seventh day of christmas

on the seventh day of christmas
my mommy gave to me...

seven colors A-swimming rug

five, pop rings...
three french cars,
two shirts whilst listening to the DOVES,
 suitcase ornament for my-size tree.
{we were shooting for a K}

this rug wasn't his favorite gift but he was still gracious when accepting it.  he placed all of his stuffed animals on it and we took a lazy morning nap after we were showered and ready for church this morning.  it's all the colors of his baby nursery plus orange and green.  

1 lovely notes:

michelle said...

so I was in need of some new tunes and saw the Parlor Hawk banner on the side of your page so I gave it a listen... I ended up downloading it from itunes and the song Home has been on repeat on my ipod for the whole entire day. thanks.


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