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this weekend is going to be a busy one.  a wedding of a friend of mine since high school, another friend visiting from out of town, and then a big birthday retro-rollarskating birthday party with some of my funnest friends.

mariah carey never seems to get old for me around christmas time. when her song comes on, jackson always finds humor and says, "mom, why does she want me? i don't even know her." love this jackers and his whit.

i have been wanting this perfume for three years. so glad i found this site, because now i can stop going into anthropolgie to squirt some annock goutal petetie cherie, and buy myself some for christmas.

if you want to read some good stories and have time to kill, go here.

if you need some good, one-of-a-kind entertainment, i have the perfect remedy. click here. not sure if i can disclose who this really is, but a friend of mine answers your questions. ask him a question.

hopeless romantic dreamt right; right here.

who do i email/chat with to house swap for the holidays with this one? i have like too many days without jack around christmas time. this place isn't too far.

if you like to craft and get your hands dirty, then we should do this together. 

anyone else follow barbie on facebook? i do. her status updates always put a smile on my face.

handmade christmas cards... very unique.

if you have seen this old spice commerical, then you need to see this.
ah, Y campus.  to walk around you now in the snow would be divine. 

i want this kid to be jackson's friend.

need a present for your man? i always resort to ties.  if i were a guy, i'd want these.

2 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

I know the Y commercial is pretty funny. No, I don't follow barbie, but maybe I should. I wish I had time to do homemade cards, but don't. Enjoy your busy weekend. Hugs from Georgia.

Emily said...

I DIDN'T know Barbie had a Facebook page! That's hilarious. I'm now her friend.


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