ninth day of christmas

on the ninth day of christmas
my mommy gave to me...
nine chocolate filled-coins

(these were huge. like the size of his face... 
in the second picture you can see his hand going in to grab one)

eight hours A-good-deeding
seven colors A-swimming rug

five, pop rings...
three french cars,
two shirts whilst listening to the DOVES,
 suitcase ornament for my-size tree.

so here is the thing...
i was convinced that there were coins involved.  
i was in the isles asking random shoppers walking by if they knew the "twelve days of christmas song" and if there were gold coins.  none of them knew.  i bought the three packs of milk chocolate coins anyway.
the coins are not a part of the song, but jack doesn't know.
i didn't get too many pictures except the "before" pictures since the coins went quickly having many friends and eager small hands wanting them.
 thank goodness.  
they look better on other's than on my body or jack's future dentist's bill.

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