oh what a day, it was.

birthday weeks are the best! last week was my birthday and i have to say, it was probably my favorite as of yet.  here's the rundown...

birthday morning:
went for a run, park/pilates. ended up carrying our dog charlee on mile 4 until mile 6.

-came home, watched a lifetime movie while doing yoga on the carpet.
-watched my sister make amazing gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
-went to lunch with some of my sweet friends (veggie grill - my favorite)
-everywhere we went, there was no traffic, perfect weather. best day.
-went shopping at the irvine spectrum

-nails done with sister elise and jack
-gf z-pizza (favorite pizza) at my brother's house
-opened presents, ate half a dozen chocolate chip cookies, help baby asher
-went bowling with most of the family until ten 
bree's lunge
mitch's curve ball
the whole family minus linds, mom & asher
blake & mitch
elise and drew
jadey bug and me dancing
they had the best music that night.
we all got a few strikes... without the bumpers.  who knew bowling was so fun?
click here for more pictures {all pictures by elise}

throughout the week, my sweet friends took me out to dinner every night. 
i even went bowling again.
i wish i took pictures, but i don't.

then on saturday night some friends met me at lazzy dog in huntington beach and kent flew down and rented a car to take me out for this night.  he was a treat.
kenna, CL and dixon
heather and lisa

amanda, nephi, jasey and shauna
{shauna threw this dinner together for me. she made a really cute painting, a homemade binded book that everyone wrote on, goodie bags... she's the best}
nikki (known since kindergarden) and wendy-girl
emily & tyler
kylee and shelly
daniella & heather

then, we went roller skating!

my friend erin was so cute and made gluten-free red velvet cupcakes, gave me the cutest vintage/retro gifts etc.

tory and krystal

thank you everyone for the sweet birthday wishes.  it was a great great week.
i feel loved and old.

3 lovely notes:

Connie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! How fun! Glad it was great (:

Malia said...

So weird, I grew up with Shelley! Seeing her photo on your blog made me do a double take.

Glad you have a had a great birthday!

Me said...

Ummmm, so basically my best cousin of all time. We're twins (born on the same day) was in attendence that night! Shelley is my cousin and I LOVE HER! Please give her a hug from me next time you see her. :-)


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