eighth day of christmas

on the eighth day of christmas
my mommy gave to me...

eight hours A-good-deeding

photo by jack

seven colors A-swimming rug

five, pop rings...
three french cars,
two shirts whilst listening to the DOVES,
 suitcase ornament for my-size tree.

he made snowflake stickered for his friends

he thought of his daddy and called him

went to the local homeless shelter and fed them

jackson and i went shopping most of this rainy day, picking out enough gifts for three families that weren't expecting a christmas this year. we had a little talk about the true meaning of christmas and talked about Christ's life on earth throughout the day.

the rest of my family donated money, gift cards and toys that they wanted but sacrificed for the families. i am grateful my nephew micah, my niece jade and son jackson were able to somewhat get this concept of giving and sacrificing for those that are in need.  we wrapped the gifts together as a family. i like the idea that we don't know who they are, they won't know who we are but they can just enjoy their christmas. it was a great family night and really brought the spirit of christmas and taught the true meaning of giving.

this by far, this could have been my favorite day out of the twelve days of christmas.

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