almost .friday. {president's day weekend}

{image found here}

let's talk about how exciting this weekend will be...
uh, so fun.
i'm taking jack to disneyland, doing hair of course, a night in laguna beach, a close friend's bridal shower, brunches, no plans yet for monday but we will fly by the seat of our pants... just lots of quality time with my boo.  
the anticipation is killing me. even if it rains, i'll still parade around about it.

{SIDENOTE: this is my last public post.  i don't know if you all got my notice about my blog going private.  i had lots of emails and other ways of communication about it after i did a few weeks ago.  just make sure you send me your email address/comment if you haven't already asked. this blog is going private by tuesday-ish. thanks!}

if you have kids, if you like fashion, then you will love this zara line. super cute.

44 presidents all on a letterpress... found here.

an interesting article about kissing

wild animals is a self-published book that plays tricks with your eyes.

may have died a little when i saw the new anthropolgie wedding collection. best i've ever seen.

if you are a celiac, or want to start eating gluten-free, here are some of the best blogs, websites etc.

spring is coming, watermelons are almost in season... so is this watermelon ring - so unique! i think i'd be 100% happy if it was a wedding ring.  what do you think?

vidal  is a well known hair stylist who has a movie premiere coming out tonight (well friday night) in los angeles!

hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday!

2 lovely notes:

Skye said...

have so much fun at disneyland! ride splash mountain an extra time for me and soaring over california too! xox!

shannon davis said...


add to me to your list girl!


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