french navy valentines

so valentines day...

last year in preschool i spent hours and hours making mustache lollipops and paper-airplane valentines for his friends.  i think i did little goodie bags too.  i was trying to think out of the box or something.

this year i had good intentions paved with ideas to do homemade something again, got the supplies, had jackson on board... cut out over three dozen hearts from paper he painted and we both fell asleep while doing it at 7:30pm! so unlike my usual.  i woke up at 3am with scissors in my hand, jackson's left cheek on my right upper thigh, paint, no wait, maybe drool on my face... thinking i wasn't going to get around to this with three tests in the morning.  my sister-in-law saves the day and made them look normal for me when i dropped him off for preschool but i must say this year shocked me when i picked him up from class.  there were kids giving out pictures of themselves holding multiple amounts of red balloons, godiva chocolates?!, balloons attached to the goodie bags, a matchbox with a mr. goodbar inside... i was so impressed.  so we had time to make a valentine from jack to his daddy, and some of his little friends while waiting at the airport.  

i'm spent 
but here is a quote that i like; even when it isn't lovers day.

Love is the fire that warms our lives with unparalleled joy. It should be our walk and our talk. -President Uchtdorf

2 lovely notes:

m.estelle said...

you go girl.

Neal said...

You'll have to forgive me for "blog stalking"...but I saw you on the Mormon Bachelor and I just had to google you. That's weird I know. But you just seem like an amazing woman and I'm not sure how else to say that. :) I hope you can forgive me for being so forward.


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