ten days

i so should be studying for my huge test next week or typing out all 260 vocab words i need to know but i have decided to be in my la la land for a sec.

i'm a huge fan of valentines day.  i'm all about the lovey dovey, touchy, red, pink, candies, nonsense.  so this is what i think of ten days before the big v-day. maybe these cheesy ideas will get your heart-shaped wheels turning if you need a little push.

- make sugar cookies in the shape of lips and bring them to someone who needs kisses.
- heart attack someone's lawn or door with hearts.
- make colorful heart cut-outs and hang on door and over the dinner table.
- stick the window rubber stickies up.
- play "i spy" with a toddler for only love/heart things.
- spend time with your child without any distractions.
- make a love songs CD for your visiting teacher.
- wear red lipstick all day.
- text someone you haven't called or talked to for a while.
- visit your grandma or grandpa. they love their grandkids.
- drop off a gift of something small that would make someone smile, especially if they need a smile right now.
- take pictures in a photobooth with someone you love.
- lay on the grass and look at the clouds for heart shapes. (super cheesy but sounds dreamy)
- call someone that needs love.
- make a living room picnic with all it's trimmings.
- drive-in movies.

if you are married, these are some ideas i loved to do:

- find a fun, new recipe you have never tried and surprise your husband with it when he comes home.
- make his lunch for valentines day if you don't meet him for lunch and make it all heart shaped or red. he may thinks it's embarrassing but who cares.  you love him.
- layout his clothes all pressed and ready for the next day - shoes and socks as well (if you don't already).
- put sweet notes or inside jokes, sexy notes inside whatever he would see the next day... (ie: jacket, hoodie, next to his breakfast, inside his shoes, by his skateboard, in his wallet, on rear view mirror.
- get him something simple. guys like thoughtful, simpleness and lots of compliments.
- be a fun wife ALL DAY and NIGHT.

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