oh the places we will go... on special days.

{the cookies he made for me in his preschool class-
the bottom half of me might as well have mom-jeans on with this hairstyle}

this valentines day was sweet as a peach.
it was filled with some pretty rad people, time in a swimsuit, quick errands, amazing food and then flew to the bay area...
to pick up jack!

our flight was delayed and in a different city due to complications so jack and i had a date night in the airport... we had the place all to ourselves!
TSA just ate up jacksters. gave him hershey kisses, a police sticker badge, they were so nice and helpful.  best airport experience to date.
we treated ourselves to some swedish fish and chocolates...
even some swedish fish/chocolate sandwiches. 
 i think we ate so many that our tummies both were past the feeling of sore.

our flight attendant was so cute with jack too.
she woulda taken him if i looked the other way.
this is what happened next...
scratched jack's back to sleep and then army-carried his 49 lb. body with his bag, my purse and my 125 pound body from the plane to the parked car... totally asleep.
he stayed asleep the whole drive home, carried him upstairs, dressed him while he was asleep and crashed right at 12am. 

LOVED our night together.
love having him home.

2 lovely notes:

meredith conroy said...

the 2 of you make me very happy.

likeschocolate said...

I am glad you are back. I don't no if it was intentional, but I couldn't see your blog for a couple of weeks. I guess you didn't love the mom jeans mom haircut, but I think it is adorable. Well, adorable might not be the right word. I like it!


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