loves notes in prep for love month.

here are those notes i write but never send...
{i am typing this in the airport, monday night, waiting for jacksters.}

dear monsters of folk,
when you come on my ipod while i'm driving, i can't help but speed. 

dear long beach airport, 
it's flattering you all know jackson and me by our first names.  i feel like we are coming home every other week.

dear sizzler commercials,
ooh oh ooh okay. i want it all. even if it has gluten. it looks worth the stomach ache every time you play.

dear grey sweatpants,
why are you so good to me?

dear mitch,
you know when you downed that 1,000mg packet of vitamin c the other night without water? well, i tried to do it tonight and i think the roof of my mouth plus my nose is burnt.  why do sisters always want to be like their big brothers, even when we are adults?

dear all the hairstylists that still smoke,
that was so 1995. gross.

dear san clemente,
we are moving even more south of you in may.  ocean view on a hill, with normal neighbors, a backyard and a driveway is preferred.

dear older lady at the cafe at SFO,
you make me the best herbal teas.  i wish you spoke english so we could have a real conversation.

dear peanut butter,
i don't miss you. neither does my potential muffin top or skin.  

dear my sweet sister-in-law,
i love you. how do you do it all and have it all together?  you are incredible. mitchy-poo is lucky; all of us lundquists are lucky.

dear the couple i sat next to on the train to san jose,
you two were the cutest. snuggling, holding hands, kissing, in your sixties and have been married 40 years. love is still alive and you two proved it. thank you.  i still believe.

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m.estelle said...

what is this about peanut butter?!
tell me.


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