every month, our youth group {young men and young women} meet at an area close by to feed the homeless.

we set up tables, bring the food we've prepared prior, sac lunches, waters and any other donations from other churches or local schools and wait from 4pm to 5pm on tuesdays. we try to feed local people who go without shelter and food and clothing. it's been a humbling experience to say the least. there are many people there with a story. so glad there are so many good people out there that come help feed those that may need more than we do.

++ if you live in southern california and have time later afternoon on tuesdays, please contact me at melislundquist {at} gmail.com to find out which location we meet at. it's a great experience to meet with fathers who have kids without homes, people who live in shelters, and those who are in great need.

after, i took my brother blake and the boys to grab something to keep them smiling!

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likeschocolate said...

Too bad I don't live close by because I have boxes of childrens clothes that I am about to give away. What a great thing you are doing!


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