j-baby update

a few things as of late...

+++fortunately he still sits on aunt's laps and is all cute about it.
+++ he still thinks there is far too much sand at the beach.
+++ jack currently is growing his hair long like his cousin micah. he wants long curls like micah... jack has stick straight hair.

+++ we were delayed and waiting for hours on monday. this is only five minutes of what we did to keep us busy...

+++ snores every night.

+++ the jury is still out if he is a celiac.

+++ he figured out all these fun things on his nintendo. he changes voices, pictures, beats all levels, freezes time... you name it. i also compete with this gadget for his time.

+++ he has been going to the pool almost every day. here are some recent pictures with his cute girl-buddy isabella. they spend almost everyday together.

+++ so today jackson was caught kissing this ^ {above} cute girl... isabella in the sandbox. he said he is in love with her. he got in trouble and his preschool teacher told the whole class they are not allowed to date until they are 16. oh my, oh my.

+++ he tells people he has 20 teeth. random people actually.

+++ jackson is exactly 44 1/2 inches at age 4 years and 10 months.

+++jack went on the funnest field trip recently! his went down to san diego on the train with his class on national train day. they stopped by a carlsbad beach and played in the water with mrs. g!

1 lovely notes:

Brynn said...

so cute! he is one lucky little guy :)


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