f - r - i - d - a - y

friday came so fast!
this weekend is filled.  of course there is a wedding.  sadly a family friend funeral. hair. jackson. time with family and playing games and most importantly, mother's day.  i feel like the luckiest mother of my two boys isaac who has passed on and jackson who i get to love on everyday.  

+ christopher niemann makes the cutest children's books.
+ this swaggin' wagon video may have convinced me i need a mini-van. i may have watched this a few half dozen times and have parts of it memorized.
+ if i lived in switzerland and had oodles of money, i would purchase this for all the biking around town i  would do {if these were my things}
+ my obsession for owls lives on. i have to get these for my new place.  can't you just see colorful fabric balls filled in these?
+ i dig, dig, dig these earrings. a lot.
+ need inspiration to be more creative? live in sf, la or new york area? go here.
+ need a cute new iPhone cover? ugh, you'll just love these.

++ unlike most links, today is a good family friend and personal's friend's birthday. briana blackwelder.  today is her birthday and i am going to her memorial service. she was in a recent car accident.  i'm thinking today will be an emotional one remembering her life.

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meredith conroy said...

i am sorry for your loss, melissa. what a smart and beautiful woman. im sure she will be missed by so many.


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