so it is wedding season which means i get to attend a lot of weddings from either doing their hair or friends. for those of you getting ready to get hitched or go to some, here are some tidbits i liked about this season of love-ly weddings.

+++ simple garden weddings. small, quaint and just romantic.

+++ these rings. #4 has to be the best. simple.
i like #7 too.
Catbird Ring Roundup Numbered

+++ i'm loving this look.
Modified Bcbg Bridal Gown

+++ so the royal wedding inspired my fashion senses to broaden and i like the hat look at weddings. don't think i'm brave enough to try but gina foster from the uk makes some cutesy ones.

+++ red hair and bangs.

+++ simple ties. not the crazy colors that draw too much attention. no buttons on the collars.

+++ honeymoons to places like this. even if it takes a plane or just a train or just an automobile to get there.
and then staying in bed and breakfasts like these.

+++ bridesmaids dresses in this color

++++ natural makeup on the bride and RED nail polish. it may seem harsh with pale colors but i think it would be such a pretty combo.
+++ cute vases like these. we are in recession. keepin' it real is where it's at.

+++ photography like this.

okay so now let's get this season started!

2 lovely notes:

Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

I adore the vases with the anemones...gorgeous!

elise lauren photography said...

hmm is this post a premonition? or a hint of some sort :) ;)


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