so it's friday.

{image by anna khari}

i promise i will post something worth substance when things get a little slower... i have so much to update about but have been giving these quickies.  life is super good. this weekend will be packed but hopefully sunday we can just sit.


** this news made my year. i want to live in pasadena now for this reason.  now i don't have to crave my arizona treat anymore.
** my cute brides. check these head pieces out.  they may be a bit pricey but i thought they could spark some interest, ya know?
**next time you are grocery shopping at trader joes and want only gluten free foods, check this before you go.
**LA times article i found interesting about kelp. probably boring to many. okay probably all of yous.
**how fun would it be to have a cabin like this?
**i may be a few seasons early for this, but i thought these weren't real! you can actually watch movies in the cemeteries in los angeles. creepy/amazing. $10. i'm in comes halloween.
**how fun would this dress be to wear? for reals.
**this vintage bathing suit is kind of unique.
**scotch nail polish is kind of really great.

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Rad Rachel said...

I love these fun posts where you link us to exciting cyberspace sites! So smart. I may just have to copy you.


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