on monday, i took my two favorite boys to disneyland. we had some good, good times.
we saw mickey, went to his house, played all day, had some pizza, had some popcicles, brought chalk in, lost a shoe on a ride, raced to as many rides we could, tried out the tortilla, the bread and whatever other factories they provide, looked for the little mermaid, tried to sneak on the swings, fast passed our way onto thunder mountain, smiled our way onto the front of the lines, danced whenever music was on and felt the magic. can't wait to go back!

watching the making of tangled.

so thunder mountain really was this great!!!

who needs a double stroller when you have these two?

lend me some suga'

alright cars ride, come out already.

who woulda known ladybug tea cups could be this fun?
i'm in love with these two.

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Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

I adore this post!!! I cannot stop looking at the "thunder mountain" picture!!! I love it so much! You are amazing Melis! Thanks for giving him such a fun day!


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