thirteenth of friday

it's the weekend! i'm so excited about this weekend! i have a lot going on, a family's wedding, seeing someone special, jack is in san francisco, getting ready for a big change and visiting some friends up in the city on monday. i'm looking forward to some time off.

+++red balloon. cannot wait.
+++getting ready for father's day? a gift for a man who shaves.
+++so you know how i want to live in the midwest or the east coast someday? this is what i dream my porch will look like.
+++when jack gets home, i want to make these paper airplanes with him.
+++ if you live in los angeles and need something fun to do on monday night, go see my girl kylee johnson! she is performing at the MINT. she has a pretty voice and i do her hair. go go go!!!
+++my friend is taking jack and i to legoland soon! to tell him, i thought it would be cute to put this silverware, this lego lunchbox,and bathe him in these colorful babies.

hope everyone has a great weekend and a luck-full friday the 13th!

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