mother's day brunch!

if you want to know what a lucky mama looks like, this is it...
i am pretty sure i've already had the best mother's day already and it hasn't hit sunday yet.
jackson's preschool class served all of us motha's brunch on tuesday.  it was so detailed and thoughtful! eggs with avocado, watermelon, banana covered in coconut and other fun treats! they all wore the cutest black aprons and had posh manners as they came out to our table.  
they gave us fire and ice roses!
jack was so sweet and kept squeezing me and my face. then he wanted pictures together.
i sort of wish i put makeup on this day.  i was so rushed to get us there on time that i forgot.

they sang us mother's day songs that had all seven of us moms with tears down our cheeks.
they have been so carefully practicing these songs for us.

this was on felt, wrapped. 
melted me.

we had to pick out which one our child did on the table. on the front of these are pictures of their moms.  jack drew a picture of me with big blue eyes and a boy haircut.  

love these kids!

cute julie and will turner.
jack considers will one of his dearest friends.
isabella and her mommy marie!
isabella and jack are boyfriend and girlfriend, as of tuesday.

oh my little love.
best time with him.
he said to me this late morning,  
"i want to treat you like this everyday mom, because you deserve the best. i love you!"

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