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a few weeks ago we had a real good time in LA.
brady and i got to spend some time in one of my favorite temples.
it was perfect.
then we had a night out with our friends to celebrate lauren!
dinner at this hipster sausage place that starts with a W and has the craziest meats...
crocs, snakes, bison. you name it.
since m lantern birthday tradition is sticking, we lit one off in venice.

brady knows how much i love history
and love love love going to museums 
so he took me to a new Holocaust one in LA. 
my dad use to take us to these Holocaust museums as kids and then a jewish deli after
so brady was thoughtful to take me to this one.
it probably was one of my favorites.
so much info and stories - i could be there all day.
back to back lauren celebrations!
her bridal shower.
i told her months ago i wanted to help throw it despite how much i have going on, 
so her sister and our friend lauren rice helped us throw a fun one.
her sister bought everyone OPI nail polishes so i decorated them with little tags and rings.
the girls all went to the flower mart so i arranged their pickin's.

love lauren and excited for them!

i picked up jacks from the shower on sunday at LAX.
love seeing him come out of the gate and run into my arms.
i miss him so much, even if he is gone for a few days.
he is just snappin' away 

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