it was SOMEDAY in sundance

we drove up the pretty canyon of sundance to see the leaves and do a little hike.
we were so cold coming out of the car that brady bought us some hot chocolate. 
brady and jack have never been to the resort so we walked around for a few minutes.

it was beautiful but pretty cold...

we started on our hike to stewart falls.

i love this one.

jack threw or skipped rocks the entire hike

stewart falls!

view from stewart falls

oh hey handsome

my honies`

photo by jack

happy boy!

nothing better than a man in the mountains in plaid.

i ran in front to get the lighting.

my entire heart right here.

 "i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers.  it would be terrible if we skipped from september to november, wouldn't it?"
-anne shirley, anne of green gables.

2 lovely notes:

Malia said...

Hey! We just literally did that hike last week!
So pretty!

likeschocolate said...



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