the prize winner of defiance, ohio

one of my all time favorite movies is this:
the prize winner of defiance, ohio

seven years ago i had a very close friend have me watch this movie after she saw it.
i don't ever remember it being out in the big screen, so she bought me a copy of it.

since then, i have seen it a dozen times - each time feeling like it's the first. 
i absolutely love this movie.

it is a true story set in defiance, ohio during one of my favorite eras.  
it could relate to any viewer bringing back their own memories of that time or help you imagine what your parents, or your parent's parents life was like. 
not sure if it does this to others, but this mother who has ten children is an example to me.
when i watch this, i am reminded of how patient, loving and creative you need to be, to survive motherhood and family life.  she is that person you know that can do it all, flawlessly, without complaining or showing weakness but yet is so human.  
maybe i connected to it for more than one way than most
but it is a constant reminder in my head when i think what this lady would do in 
certain situations.  
i'm no movie critic 
but i do have to say this movie is beautifully written - 
the book being even better.
go see it!

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