here are some of my new added favorites lately:

this mask.
this place:
it's gluten and dairy free and AMAZING
it's called Cloud 9 in San Juan Capistrano

this music

this for hair.
if you are behind on your keratin, this boosts it
taking a detox bath.
you mix this with apple cider vinegar, ginger tea bags, baking soda and you are sweating out toxins. do it for 20 minutes in a hot bath and you will be exhausted but then energized after trying it.

to make your skin better,
crush 5 asprins, half a lemon squeezed into this 
and you have glowing, beautiful skin
making hanging "clouds" as jack calls it.
4 napkins on one side, fan folded then stacked--
with another 4 napkins fan folded and then pull out the edges.
i decorated jack's ceiling with them.

my sister's rings she makes!

oh and this random - lucille's BBQ.
the best.
especially when they spell my name like 'dis.

this scrub.
the best.

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