this past weekend

this past weekend was very relaxed.
we are all waiting patiently for our little FINN to join our family.
elise cannot wait to have him. 
jackson and i visited their home to see his nursery my sister elise has out together.
she nested well.

i have been preparing a speech i am giving for the national charity league here in a few weeks.
it's on living well and healthy.
i'm excited to spend time with girls who have their entire lives in front of them.
i'm thinking of making a little handout about this...
i totally wish someone showed me this years ago.
so the second jackson hops out of the car from school, 
he finally shows me he lost his tooth!!
his first tooth!
holy moly i had no idea i would get so giddy about it, but i was!
glittery ideas raced inside my head. thinking i could whip up some wings and all things to feed into his childhood memories of sugar plums and fairy tales.  
i wanted it to be his bedtime right there so i could play
 tooth fairy and then speed up time for him to wake up.  
instead of pressing fast forward on time, we made the most of the last 6 hours he would be awake by making a last minute costume for our church's trunk or treat jack wanted to go to since all of his buddies were going to be there.  we are all about new costumes for every event, so we did just so.
jack really wanted to be R2D2 so i went in the backyard and grabbed the tomato holder.
a little cleanup and tin foil... ta-da! a glued on some pom poms, ribbon, paper and cut off the ears of his R2D2 hat.  done in 45 minutes.

my friend is a stylist for taylor swift and had this nose, tail and bowtie in her car from her music video that taylor didn't want, so she gave it to me the last time she picked us up from the airport. so sweet.
i think it was suppose to be a monkey but i turned it into the gruffalo.
i made my ears out of my bathing suit inserts and a black headband! it worked. a little brown sharpie and some curlies.

this is how it fit in my car.  ha!
if this picture could make a sound, it would be beeping.
he got into character a bit.

i'm dying. jack really thought he looked like R2D2 with his head inside like a turtle.
him and his best buds!

i followed him all around. 
even in the haunted house. 
he is holding the inside rods of the tomato holder.
so much fun.
jack's bud jane took this of us.
a little blurry from a 7-year-old
he won a fish and put it in his "cup holder"

his new broken skin was bothering him a little so we got sugar free slurpees!

the night came and while i am putting him to bed, he asks me if brady knew the tooth fairy. 
i asked him why. 
he said, "well my friends said if i loose my tooth but don't put it under my pillow, she might not bring me gold or crystals."
ha! oh man. kids these days.
i had ideas of how to make a crystal. or then i was thinking maybe i could get some gold coins.
instead i thought money is tradition.
i didn't have any single dollar bills on me, so i put a $5 to hide under his pillow and his dictated note to the tooth fairy.

he was so thrilled to close his eyes.
we read our nightly book, song and prayer quickly and he was out.
i was on.
game time for decorate fast.
glitter was used... glow in the dark and normal. 
i little train of glitter from the window sill, to the pillow.
hung clouds.
it was a festive little celebration of 'them 'teef.
i left this little note.
hopefully he doesn't think he gets $5 per tooth since that tooth coming in will need $100's of dollars each by the way its growing in #braces.
he was so stoked to get $5.
he was so happy that he wrote her a thank you card and told 
every person he would come in contact with.
what a sweetie.

brady came straight down from the hospital after working all night and hung out with us!
we went to the pools, the jacuzzi, played colors, threw jack as high as possible and then took a nap in the sun. it was a summer day!

the rest of the weekend was filled with watching some football, went to lunch, went to hotel translyvania (meh, it was so-so)
went to yogurtland,  the pools, the jacuzzi, played colors, threw jack as high as possible and then took a nap in the sun. we played drew's scrabble game whilst listening to drew's music, had drew and elise come over for dinner and played tennis.

such a great weekend!

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meredith c. said...

love your creepy cute costume :) youre such a babe.


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