the three of us went on a little trip to meet up with brady's family. 
it was oh, so short but oh so fun.

jackson was rather excited.
so excited he wanted to pack himself.
he knows that when we have time with brady, 
it always consists of playing sports outside so he planned for such.
mitt, goals, soccer ball, baseball...
even his train whistle, his shamu, a baby picture, one pair of shorts, a pair of shoes
and a shirt/pants.
i felt badly that i had to re-pack him but didn't think we could bring the goals as a carry-on.

this is how i repacked him.
i swear i don't have extra time but i can say i enjoy some organization.

this was a pure treat for us.
we haven't flown together for ages.

our flight was delayed because our bags didn't get on 1 hour and a 
half early so we waited for our next one.
good thing we are so good at entertaining ourselves funny faces, funny voices and a variety of conversations about turtles, frogs, bugs, favorites, plans, ideas, future drawings, activities we enjoy...

this little champ even read me the entire FOOT BOOK by dr. sueuss all by himself.
i'm thoroughly impressed by how hard he works to read each word with so much intent.

loving his little drawings

we felt fancy getting first class 
(thank you grandpa)
jack said as we boarded the plane...
"this is my size plane!"

we sat with our freshly pressed warm blankets, with our drinks and osibori towels brought to us.

this traveling pro with more miles than many adults turned all "orange county"
when i tried to take a picture of him (orange juice in hand, laptop playing)

we landed and then got off the plane into a cold, cold place.
brady's awesome brother kip picked us up and then even went back to the
 airport to pick up brady who landed a little bit after.

we stayed with family and loved being so close to temple square.
jack loved hanging out.
kip was so sweet to make jackson mickey mouse pancakes!

we drove up to park city.
we stopped by the outlets and did a little shopping.
then we stepped out to the mountains and froze!
we can't remember how cold it was out there. 

jack is telling us what we should do.
we pretty much did what he wanted.
brady was so sweet to get all of us tickets to ride the alpine slides and the coaster.
jack loved the lift and couldn't stop raving about how cool it was to see the mountains so close.

he did get a little scared when we went higher up...
but i held him close to make sure he felt safe.

jack insisted on carrying my slide.
what a gentleman.

brady all ready!

so excited to race...
or at least start at the same place.

my love bugs here and there

kip is stoked!

after jack wanted to fly.
he always wants to fly.
so we let him try.

we couldn't stop laughing.
he tried to do a flip but stayed stuck in this position for 20 secs.
the man wouldn't let me help.

the famous and necessary park city bear.


we were able to swim while the boys were at priesthood.

we even grabbed a bite to eat with the whole family!

the next morning we went to conference.
we couldn't get into the session early enough because of the choir with our tickets so we watched it in the tab.

temple square walking a roundness

we played with everyone at the park.
a little frisbee, a little softball... it was fun!
jack swinged on the swings for a little

part of our trip we also had the chance to play at the provo beach!
sure wish they had this when i went to school here.
we had so much fun.
jack said it was even better than chuck e cheese!

we got shelbs for the day! 
she is the best!

 we played $20++ dollars on just skee-ball.

jack had to do this because it said JACK

his app, enlarged

soul sulfer? yeah, it didn't go as planned...

a little lunch with kip!

my cuties!

can't wait to be back there soon for our bests' wedding!

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