fall crafts

when i have time, i try to make or create things.
i always encourage jackson to help me think out of the box so he can use his imagination on the fly.

i got out my old true colors brand makeup that my high school guy-friend gave me (so it's 10 years old at least) 
and we mode-podged keys.
first we painted them with the glue, then covered it in the powder and then painted it again, sealed it with a sealant.
now we have keys we can tell the difference between.

i tried out this little idea i have seen where you put christmas
 lights inside of a clear or transparent vase.
i would have used white-corded lights but this is what i had at the time.
its kind of a good time. 
jack now uses it as his nightlight!

i was out of my mineral veil from bare escentuals so i looked it up and made my own little version that actually worked better.  super easy and saved $30.
all it is is corn starch and baby powder sans the parabens for preservatives.

DIY: get an old makeup powder container, shake one tablespoon of cornstarch with 1/2 teaspoon of baby powder. you could probably sprinkle some powder foundation or cocoa powder for color. just don't inhale it while making it or putting it on. 

when i was at the store, i saw some wreaths and then had some pumpkin seeds, hot glue gunned them to it with jack and then used my makeup (bronzer) and sprinkled it all over.
it turned out better than i thought so i gave it to my best girlfriend.

every month i go on someone's pinterest and make one of their
crafts.  i made this for my friend because i thought it would be fun to
 make and she has a lot on her plate.
her babe i think loved playing with it.
it's a memory popcicle game.

for jackson's friends, i made them a little treat for october...
then made little bags like this... nail polished the tips of the clothes pins to close them.

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