math + spelling

this kid, right here, 
has me convinced that he is going somewhere in life.
i am stoked on his teacher that is so passionate about teaching.
so much so that she provokes a want to learn in each of her students.
jack loves her class and loves learning about math + reading as he is seeing it is becoming so easy.
we have a lot of homework to do each day, 
so we have to make it a game to get it done for this little fella - 
otherwise too many distractions are more appealing.

it becomes a game when i'm testing him math questions,
then i let him test me.

or when we do his "sight words" i allow him to shoot his imaginary bow and arrow through the word when he gets it right so i can put it on the table.

i am a volunteer in his classroom and feel so fortunate that i am able to help out in the art masters program as well as P.E. 
he asked me if i am going to teach the class pilates or yoga...
i don't think that is on my schedule, but how cool would that be to teach first graders such a beneficial sport/s.

sure love this munchkin' with all of his sweetness.

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