christmas 2012

here are a few pictures from christmas!
i didn't get too many but enough to remember the day!

my cute sister brought me peppermint tea when i wasn't feeling too good.

palos verdes is gorgeous

some local surf spots

if i were a few feet shorter, i could have fit.
on christmas eve, i got to walk little finn to sleep in the hallway.
we are buddies.
i love this babe.

brady and i went for a drive to look at christmas lights and sip our hot chocolate

christmas morning my brother and linds brought their 
babes over which made christmas much more fun

mitch did the wrapping and our favorite is what he wrapped for brady.
lots of scotch tape :)

finn's first christmas!

we saw les mis
i cried like a baby, right next to two grown manly men who did the same.
it was incredible.

we played four corners - brady's sister taught us and our family ate it up.
it was so much fun!

not the best lightening, but this is when it was all said and done.

hope you all had a merry merry christmas!

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