scholar of the week!

my sweet jackson was the scholar of the week!
which means he is "king for the week"
we filled out this huge poster that was "about me"
where he drew what he wants to be in the future, what his favorite thing is to do, a picture of his family and his dreams.  it was pretty cute to witness how excited he was to go to school each morning of that week.  he would have the biggest smile on his face, his outfit planned out on the floor, for the next day. he would even ask me if i could let him go to bed early (like around 6pm) 
the first night of the week, we went on a mommy-son date.
he loves wahoos and so we dined.
we haven't been there in a long time, maybe three years.
rafeal is a very hard worker that delivers the food to the tables, cleans, and takes orders there. 
he remembered jackson and came over to say hi!  somehow i understand his spanish so he and i had a conversation about how big he has grown and how much he has missed seeing us!
we use to go here a lot i guess :)
jackson tried his very first black bean only burrito!
he is telling me something pretty great!

...and then it went really high...
...and then it came right in front of his face and...

i couldn't be happier being his mother.
he has the sweetest, most polite, most loving personality that is filled with so much excitement to explore what the future has in store for him.
his aspirations are varied from becoming a pro surfer and if that doesn't work out, then he wants to become a dentist like brady and if that doesn't work out he will just be a pet doctor (vet). 

 later that week, his class invited me to read a story to them all. so i walked jackson to his morning line-up, then stayed with his class as we walked into the classroom.  jackson's teacher invited me to sit down on the big chair and jackson came sitting right next to me.  he was so giddy to have me there.  his buddies that all sat down in front of us began waving at me and saying, "hi jackson's mom!!! it's me _____!" i couldn't help but smile the whole time seeing so many of his friends, neighbors and church friends in his class all adoring jackson and excited to see me there.  jackson introduced me like this, "hi class! this is my mom, melissa.  she is a florist.  we picked out this book Where The Wild Things Are because we couldn't find the book we read every night. Prolly because it slipped off the bed and we were in a rush this morning but this is my second favorite book.  here's my mom ----" pointing to me with both arms like 'taaa-da!'  i read the book with this surge of adrenaline i received from envisioning myself as that first grade teacher i have dreamt about.  it was cute to watch all of the faces filled with interest and suspense as i would get into the story.  when i was finished, they gave me a thank you by all giving me a "trucker shout-out!" it was 20+ kids all indian sitting on the colorful carpet, pretend riding their mac trucks and bouncing in place... then at the end they honked their horns!  the teacher then asked the kids to give me a "WOW" which consisted of the kids all opening their mouths as wide as possible, making three fingers on each side of their faces into W's and saying, "WOW-oh-WOW-oh-WOW!!!!"  oh i think i could have laughed for minutes, and wanted to but i didn't want them to think i was making fun of them.  it was too cute.  jack have me a sweet hug, and then i picked him up for school.

we went out to see rise of the guardians and yogurtland!

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