thursday was a special day.
i had my wonderful family, friends and this sweet guy by my side.
we grabbed lunch together before he went back to work.
so grateful for those special people in my life.

this weekend was pretty busy but a lot of fun.
we did as much as time would allow us, together.
we went christmas shopping a lot.
we are both could be happy to never shop again after the many hours we pounded the ceramic floors with ultraviolet lighting. so much stimulation with colors, prices, people, walking, walking, walking...
needless to say, we aren't shoppers which makes us a great pair. 
we are making some special little gifts for our families to give to each sibling so we prepared for that, made applesauce cinn. ornaments, we
decorated his apartment with the most random things, 
we watched enough The New Girl episodes to keep us up to date and happy,
we saw the movie "Skyfall" with our endless popcorn,
we ate at our new favorite mexican 'ma and 'pa place in carson,
we almost bought a $25 real tree,
we ate lots of chocolate,
we made our own mistletoe out of cranberries i bought last year and the outside's leaves,
we had a puppet show at ikea (without jack) - just two adults playing at ikea,
we listened to dedication after dedication of kost from the biggest fan - brady,
we had hot chocolate everyday,
he was okay with me putting on my navajo pants at 7pm, 
we played scrabble
and listened to tony bennet's blend of spanish christmas music.
we picked up jack from the airport and smoothered him in kisses and buttered pasta.
such a great weekend. 
love time with my sweet boys.

shopping face

compliments of brade

love brady and his love for kost 103.5.

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