this past weekend we had some fun plans.
saturday morning we took all three of our bikes out and went on a couple miles ride down to a big field where we went on the swings, played soccer, brady climbed fences to grab more kickballs in the bushes, we played foursquare, rode down to the new baseball fields... Jackson kept saying, "this is the best bike ride!  i cannot believe how far we went!"  
brady and i stayed on either side of him to make sure he was safe or helping him get a push, until he figured it out.  it was such a beautiful day!
once jackson fell asleep with my parents, we snuck out to go to our neighbor's white elephant gift party. we brought a bronze llama and left with bottlerockets and a used candle.
it was so fun to see so many of our friends there with 
babies in their bellies and stories to catch me up on.
sunday we had early morning church, family pictures (next post) and a riveting game of scrabble...
brady is new to scrabble but still likes it.
we didn't finish it after this nap but it was still a good game.
lots and lots of Lundquists came down from Huntington Beach and filled my parent's home.
lots of food, kids and more wild white elephant games happened right after we had a nice christmas dinner.
elise snuck these pictures of us.
i put out smartie sunday night to surprise jackson with a little note.
he is the "king of the week" in his words but really scholar of the week in his class.
he gets to be the boss and the teacher just gives homework he says :)
we filled out the "all about me" section on his board and turned it in on Monday.
i get to read to his class soon - our favorite book.
he loves that smartie took a bath in cotton balls.

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