monkey see, monkey do

brady brought his nice camera to our 
bike ride, park play day a few weeks ago and downloaded the pictures for me from it.
jack and i are so lucky to have someone there to catch our simple moments from time to time.
i didn't realize he was taking pictures for these until we were finished playing which makes these pictures more fun, realistic and sadly a good wake-up call on how un-attractive a person can be when they open-mouth laugh with their hair pulled back, no makeup and a smashing sports bra.  needless to say, i am so happy to see a raw moment in the day and life of 10 minutes of me and jackson together.

we like to swing, so we tried to see who could get higher...

he is trying with all of his cute might.

before this i told him not to do what i just did...

then we agreed that i could catch him if he tried...

instead he wanted to get higher so i thought of another plan...

i've always wanted to try to swing like this.
ya know, like a frog would swing if they were given a swing.

so jack had to try.

his sheer joy on his face speaks more words than one.

we were laughin' real good.

it's a weird feeling having your ribs crushed 
and a reminder of how much you don't work out while doing this.

swimming frog
(not my most attractive pose, i must say)

cannonball... go!

brady took many more, but i didn't want to bore those who read this, so the jist of this all, is going to the swings with your child is more than 30 minutes of pure fun.

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