nephew MICAH's birthday + smartie the elf

we celebrated my nephew micah's SEVENTH birthday.
we opened gifts and did dessert at mitch and linds' house.
asher is getting so good on the skateboard.

micah received nerf guns that the dad and uncle put together... gladly...

Finn and Kai met each other.  
Only a week apart but different sizes and coloring.

a remake to 2011 big bear marshmallow fight almost occurred.
they just needed brady.
micah had a fun birthday party at sky high, so i made him a little "surprise ball" 
filled with toys, chocolate and pokemon so Jack would have something to bring for his gift.

"smartie" was up to mischief  
writing out how many days until christmas.
he also got into my stamps and stamped his back and face while jack was sleeping 
(thanks to my aunt trish for this idea)

jack was laughing so hard when he woke up!
it was hilarious.

jack helped me wrap presents

and the elf was into more...
staring at the swimming turtles...
originally mike and michael but recently name changed by 
jack to carter and dillon: his new buddies at school.

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