first grade problems

monday morning, we come out to the front porch to rain.
umbrella, check.
warm clothes, check.
socks, shoes, long pants, check.
lunch made, check.
oatmeal to go, check.
i did his hair... lucky.

he is sitting behind me talking up a storm.
telling me about how much he wants to play hookie with me.
how much he loves to read the foot book.
how he had happy dreams the night previous.

then i told him how handsome he looked 
with his hair parted to the side.

he says:
"whenever you do my hair before school, 
the girls chase me at recess."

then i asked him which girls chase him.
"well, this girl molly always chases me when i put gel in my hair
so prolly her and other girls. but since it's raining, we prolly will watch a movie instead of playing outside so i wonder which girls will want to sit by me."
he gave me a big kiss and then ran off to his classroom.

had no idea girls were so forward in first grade.
he came home and gave his report.

all giddy.
three girls chased him during the second period recess.
"mom, ya gotta do my hair everyday."

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Chris and Britt West said...

Hahaha I LOVE THIS!! He is so with it!


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