we had the twins birthday party at ladera ranch cox park.
it was super cute!
jess and her husband ben planned a soccer party.
jack loved it!
he won a medal, a water bottle and gave them pokemon!
he was so stoked to be one of the oldest so he could be a leader to his friends there.
the sweet boys turned five! 
he then wanted to show them how to play pokemon.
such a fun birthday party.

we also got out the "elf in the shelf" for the first time.
jack named his new elf, "smartie"
we have the movie so he and i watched it a couple times together. 
when he went to touch his foot to see if he was alive,
he remembered smartie could loose his power.
so, he said a prayer that smartie would be magic again.

i have moved smartie four times so far and 
love surprising jackson with some new place.

today we had his best "girl" friend jane come over to play.
i made them healthy cookies, we had 30 second dance parties every five minutes,
we watched tangled in the background while we made little homes for his two stuffed animals rover and fuzzy...
not sure if you can see the way he spelled it...

they also put on a play for me.
all improvising.
tiger lily had her own hammock out of the j crew scarf.
giving me a "free snack" during "introduction"... {intermission}

notes these two had me take of the show.
kids are the best!

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