halloween is around the corner.

i am babysitting for a friend of mine with her five adorable kids, so i'm taking the next couple days off from school and work to play mom. 

here are some things to keep you busy with:

so i kinda like this flouncy shade lace cover. 

i don't think you can have enough boots. especially in this season of rain and grey weather.

there has to be some people who still scrapbook.  if so, keep the fire alive through these.

cargo pants are in, again.  i think i've had two sets of donations with this print. 

a twenty-four-year old artist paints portraits on the actual people! i found this simply fascinating.

if you sew you will like these. 

kate spade came out with some super cute mittens for city-habitators.

have you ever thought of blowing up a personal photo of your family doing something fun? i love this idea.  you can order them here.

have a nice weekend!

2 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

Love the boots. What a good friend you are to help out your friend. I am sure she really appreciates your help. My husband is German, so we are raising the boys to be bi-lingual. They have gone to German school on Saturdays for the last 6 years. My oldest is pretty fluent though is teacher says he needs to work on tthe writing aspect of the language. Hope all goes well this weekend!

heather yalin said...

I agree with you completely on the boots! And my aunt was never really a scrapbooker, but she borrowed some scrapbooking goodness from a friend, and is making the sweetest family album for my cousin's new wife. I can't wait to see the photocopied version when I get there!


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