weekend cheek kisses

because it's that kind of day.

so today was a little premature on how i lined up the posts last week.  
TODAY is give someone a kiss or two.  
like when you meet someone for lunch or dinner, kiss their cheek.  or both cheeks.
it will surprise them if they aren't expecting it from you but you'll notice it softens up your conversation.
i have a few clients that kiss me on the cheek when they see me and it makes my day.
it's that european way of saying hi and respect.

so try to kiss someone on their cheek.
okay fun!  have a good kissing day.

okay, let's extend it all weekend.
why not.

5 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

So adorable. The best!

Claire Kiefer said...

Look at all that sweet, dark hair he has! Precious. :)

JKA said...

love the kissing! i tell you time and time you are an adorable mama!!

Claire Kiefer said...

I love YOUR blog. :) AND your freckles!

anna said...

what a great idea! love that last photo!

p.s. i'm sure you are thinking i'm all cool for being a PH fan but what you don't know is i'm the bass player's sister. so i'm not only a fan, i'm also a SUPER FAN! hahaha! and i know your sister (she's adorable!)....that's how i found you. (so glad i did)


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