jack ness

jackson has been a riot lately.  just full of so much personality, spunk and non-stop laughing.

he is also sporting a new do.
shaved to the brim.
he wanted to match his uncle blake.
he says when he touches his hair that it's soft one way and not soft the other.
oh buzz cuts.  i kind of like them.
(these pictures below are our recent travel adventures to and from LA + SF)

at SFO we have to say hi to his eel in the tank.

a boy of many talents:
- jackson's teacher told me that he fit the entire brown leather tie in his mouth.  when she asked him why his cheeks were puffed, he slowly pulled it out... then said ta-da!

his new favorites:
- the stunt lite app.  still hasn't conquered those hills without crashing but we are working on it.  i can't figure it out either

his current playlist:
- james taylor... i know right?  he loves his voice
- ingrid michaelson - he says he loves her voice.  she makes him happy.
- the yo gabba gabba album - he knows all the words and tries to get me to sing along.
- greg laswell - his voice puts him to sleep.
- regina spektor - he dances to her tunes
- the shins
- mason jennings
- jack johnson
- the nightmare before christmas album
- the little mermaid

he is obsessed with his superheroes he is collecting.  he lines them up and then rolls a ball over them, only to set them up all over again.  

 we still swim when it's not raining after i get home.  he has more energy than any kid i have ever known... but he sleeps hard.

we are having lots of fun on our dates and preschool.  i'll post some pictures from them sometime this week.

have a great week!

2 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

Roman is obseesed with the same superhero, sadly, he didn't get the thing.

[Marie] said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog...LOVE you blog...LOVE your Style!
LOVE Parlor Hawk as well...
BTW, We are Joshua James Junkies...
That's how I found Parlor Hawk!


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