halloween weekend

happy halloween weekend!

agenda for the weekend: we are both flying to san francisco today to spend the weekend there.  giants are playing the rangers in sf so i'm trying to get into one of those boats in the bay.  it's possible.  hair clients.  couch sitting with movies like hocus pocus, practical magic and any other harmless movies that won't give me nightmares.

jackson is spending it with his dad in san francisco as pinocchio.

last night we carved ONE white pumpkin.
just his name and put a candle in it.

then i made his costume for his preschool party...
every year he is a JACK of some sorts.  this year he is his favorite cereal...
his head goes where the A is.
should be entertaining to see him try to sit.  all the other kids in his class will probably be luke skywalker or woody... i'm turning him into a homemade cereal box.  trying to stay classy here.

okay enough of my jabber.  i'll try to be back sometime next week but this will keep you busy:

haven't carved your pumpkins yet? make them mod.  supppper cool.

i saw this shirt on a lady with a round belly at disneyland a few weeks ago. i couldn't stop staring.

who woulda thought a bat cake would look so creative and original?

a cute trick-or-treat bag for the kiddos.

emergency costume? here's a nose.

need a treat to bring to a party?  i'm making these.  linds has the best recipe for sugar cookies.  she makes them look too professional.  sometimes i question myself after i make her recipes... like shoot, i must have missed something, no, she is just really neat and perfect.

remember when your high school boyfriend brought you to a place like this at night to watch a extremely scary movie and you freaked out the whole time?  yeah, me neither... right...

wedding in october.  so simple and pretty!

this isn't in english, but you don't need words to understand these characters.

i'm not one for buying kitchen rags and aprons for the season but if you are, you can get a skeleton print.

anyone else watch dexter?  i could only stomach one episode. i'm such a woose.

stay safe.
------ happy halloween!

3 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

That shirt makes me want to be pregant. Have fun in SF. Can't wait to see photos of Jack in his costume.

Liese said...

Love the Jack costume idea! Have you done Jack in the Box, Jack-o-lantern, Jackie Chan, Jack and the Beanstalk?

Cheryl said...

Jackson is so cute Melis! I love him. Hope you had a wonderful time in SF. I love that city.


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