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yeah, so this was like a few months but ya know, whatever.
my family are big baseball fans.
each of us played on teams (i did until i realized you have to be tall and strong to play as a girl), we were blessed with strong arms, dad coached for years and we have been to many, many games.

my littlest brother blake has been an all star on many teams lately and was invited to start out the angels game and be the team's ball boy.  he had the opportunity to meet all the players, get a whole uniform, a ball signed and a bunch more.

angels vs. rangers.
angels won!
not a big fan of the rangers anyway.  i hope the giants knock their socks off in the world series.

here are more in the stands with us common folk.

congrats blake!  so glad you got to do something you've always wanted!
{most pictures by alan gibby and my pops}

2 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

Jack must love having a uncle who is so close to him in age. Your brother is a cutie.

Bracken and Bracken said...

He looks like he belongs in that dugout ;)


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