pretty sure i've established how much i fancy some peanut butter.
it all started when the atkins diet came out.  remember when everyone started eating tons of meat, cheese and peanut butter but no carbs?  well i didn't actually do the diet but did do the peanut butter.
then i was vegan and found more adoration for this jar of goodness.
then i was vegetarian, then pescatarian (veggie but eat fish) and now i'm gluten free not by choice.
so peanut butter has been my constant. always there for me when i need a little thrill.

a client came into the salon and owns a factory where they test food, chemicals around buildings and houses etc to make sure they are environmentally sound and consistent with FDA regulations.  he is an older gentleman who has a plethora of knowledge.  he told me a little bit about everything...
i shared an experience with one of my favorite mexican joints that got caught for using cat meat instead of red meat... gross.
well i asked him about peanut butter with one ear muffed.  
he told me that 45% of all peanut butter is rat hair.
i felt a gag coming on.
he said the barrels of peanuts they use to put into the factories to make this peanut butter has rats hanging out.  they get mixed in the peanut butter... their whole bodies.

this may change your mind about taking a dip.
it did for me.  i see it now in my pantry and feel a sudden sick feeling knowing i've digested many rats. ew. 

was it anne of green gables that the rat is in the peanut butter?  why didn't i pay attention to this hint?
i googled it of course.
here is some articles i found:
is there rat hair in your peanut butter? - no bodies are in the peanut butter according to cha cha. (cha cha?)

here's my question, is there rat hair in your almond butter or cashew butter? i hope not but why not? they have to be in the fridge but might be worth it. 

no more peanut butter and jelly/banana/honey sandwiches for jack.  i've gotta get creative and might loose a few chubs.

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Claire Kiefer said...

SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!! This is terribly disturbing information . . . eeeek! Admittedly, I tend to ignore these stories and dismiss them as urban legend so that I can go on blissfully eating rat-infested peanut butter and other such disturbing practices. :)

Malia said...

I just bought two jars of all natural peanut butter!!!

Would it be better to just buy peanuts/nuts and make your own nut butters? It's probably cheaper and you can probably scan the contents to search for stray hairs...

heather yalin said...

OK, I was just thinking, awesome girl after my own heart! I love peanut butter, but tend to prefer almond butter. And I like the natural stuff, so I don't eat much pb here, because you simply CANNOT find it without some sort of hydrogenated (extra) oil and lots of sugar added! But rat hair??? That's certainly not on the label in english or spanish!!!!

what about those nut pressers in some of the markets? If I remember correctly, Whole Foods used to have one... I never did it tho, cuz it was pretty pricey, but at lease you can mostly see what's going to be in your butter!

Rad Rachel said...

Oh my gosh. My world is coming to an end. I'm only obsessed with peanut butter! Your post awhile ago about the cop and peanut butter was amazing. I can seriously relate.

I just can't believe this rat business. I WON'T!!!!

likeschocolate said...

I think a year ago there was a big to do about peanut factories and real calls if I remember right. I think they have pretty much cleaned them up; however, if you still want to eat peanut butter make your own it is really simple and you will ask yourself why you didn't before. I think at whole foods you can make your own right there. So no need to give up eating peanut butter. I love the stuff. I have been eating it my whole life and am still here to write this comment.

Kristin said...

First, gag. No way is 47% accurate, but still, gag me with a spoon. Full of ratty peanut butter.

Second, as soon as I read that you were giving up your love I thought of my cute friend Stephanie's family business-- all-natural peanut butter that I am pretty positive is kept very free of rats.

Here's her blog post about her parent's business and their Today Show appearance:


And here's the website for Crazy Richard's peanut butter:


Maybe they'd send you some to try if you wanted to review it. I feel like one friend who loves peanut butter and another one who makes it is a match made in heaven. :)

Save the peanut butter!

Skye said...

oh no....i'm pretty sure you just ruined my night. i'll never be able to look at peanut butter in a loving way again. but thanks for sharing....good to know even if it's disgusting.

Darren and Nikki said...

Make your own peanut butter at whole foods! That way you can watch for the rat hair :)

Steph said...

Ok Dave just looked it up and apparently the regulation is 1 rat hair for every 100 g Or 1/3 c of PB which is still disgusting. But he just informed me that all our food is laced with a little rodent/insect. Gag. I seriously want eat nothing but the cherry tomatoes and kale in my garden now.


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