how many of you collected american dolls
i did.
i had samantha + molly since they were both brunettes but my friends had felicity and others.  i loved those dolls so much.

so much that i played with samantha like a doll and kept molly in her box.  i still have molly!  when i was seven i knew about investments and decided i wanted to make money off of her.  i saved up that $82 from chores, lemonade stands and maybe a birthday.
she is in perfect condition.

well a while back when i went with my girlfriends to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE finale,  we walked around the grove.  to my dismay, they have a huge two story american girl store.

they match what you look like so you can customize your doll.   -----this is my girl now.
my friends let me relive my past and hang out in the store for a little bit longer than maybe they expected.  i just couldn't believe it.  these were catalog only dolls.  now you can bring your doll to the salon?  unreal.
i'd get the native american doll for sure to represent.

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