a week is over

here are some highlights of the past week. 

disneyland with the boys.
i'll do a post about disneyland...

i took jack to the irvine spectrum for dinner, and rides.  he told a random fella he has "pazel eyes."

it was my cute friend's birthday party.  her boyfriend nephi threw her a bomb dinner party and desserts after.  i made her gluten-free cake balls and got carried away with the decor.  i'll try to post the recipe soon. (no pictures yet from the party...sorry)
- i tried to make them look like candied apples.  they turned out looking like donut holes with sticks in 'em.

made dinner for the kids (chicken parm, pasta, homemade sauce, pumpkin bread muffins) and found out the kids don't like anything except pasta with olive oil :) i couldn't sleep so i stayed up watching P.S. I Love You and then The Backup Plan. right, all girl movies. P.S. I Love You makes me tear up every twenty minutes, still.  maybe it's not the best for divorcees.

cooked with the five kids plus jack.  we made oatmeal waffles for breakfast, homemade pizza for lunch and gf coconut oatmeal cookies.  we played in the rain, jumped, danced, swung, played cars, built train tracks + made lego characters.

he had a fun play date with my bestie's twin boys and then while driving back my tire light came on.  costco was close by.  we waited three hours walking around costco, watching the tire-men lift cars and found games to play, ie: jumping in the fresh mud, drinking the "red smoothie" until we got freeze headaches, got the gluten-free samples two times over, hit every button that made sound in the toy isle and so on and so forth.

jack had his first primary program.  he is a little sunbeam.
he stood on his chair, hung upside-down on his chair, waved to me most of the time, always was smiling, sang so loudly that i have a feeling he is going to be the child that screams instead of sings in choir and then mouthed "hi mom" when he caught my eye.  i was a beaming mom in my seat.

4 lovely notes:

michelle said...

ps I love you is a rough one.
and those little pumpkin muffins look so good.

BethanyPeterson said...

umm cutest blog ever.
im up for disneyland any day!

and jack was awesome in the primary program.

Connie said...

Your son is adorable! As always... and OH- I write text on my pictures thanks to Photoshop (:
You can do it with "paint" and stuff too if you have that...

Skye said...

i was always the little one that sang shyly and partially hidden in the primary programs. however i must admit i love the screamers the most! they make me smile. jack is so adorable!


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