birthday outfits since 1984

{sleepless night}
i am doing this two nights before the 29th at 4am.
can't sleep.
i have had five days off for the holidays off which is unusual so i've been taking these naps that has messed up my schedule so digressing back to where i started, that's why i have taken time for this post.

i was looking through my old pictures and discovered some pictures with 
awesome bangs and great outfits.
let's discuss...
(minutes old)
let's disregard what i'm wearing and talk about what vic is sporting...
blue is your color dad.
faint pink striped dress under this great bib. age appropriate.
lazy right eye. or maybe my left eye is lazy.
oh boy, was i was a fat and happy kid or what.
especially with chocolate cake.
my dad's mom's chocolate cake to be exact. 
totally made from a box but couldn't be beat.
pepto-bismo colored onsie. 
great for those cold november mornings in carlsbad.
too bad i can't still fit in the floral number.
i would still wear this one.
 i don't remember why i thought i should wear this for my party but i do remember how much my mom hated this shirt. this was when clueless came out and when style was bumpin' with "as if" shirts and words on shirts.  i wore this at my party in dana point with the biggest grin on my face.  
then scrapbooked about it. even better, i'm blogging it now.

these are some awkward years...
no braces, however, no style either.
it's the random demin shorts with cotton shirts, 90210 era.
right before my sweet sixteen birthday party...
still that confusion of fashion is apparent by wearing double red denim, 
white platforms, white belt, and a shirt that is too short since it's showing my innie.

years passed...

i'll skip some pictures...
a wedding dress. yep.
i will never forget that uncle who joked with me when walking out right after getting married, 
"you better not get divorced because your birthday will forever suck!"
who gets married on your birthday?

 here i'm wearing cherrios in my hair, the best slobbery toddler kisses, 
chuck-e-cheeses germs, a simple shirt and jeans.
here i am wearing the colors of the season... and chipotle sour cream...
broken sunglasses from letting jackson play with them while he sat in the stroller next to me.

today i celebrate 26.
i'm really happy to get to spend it with close friends and family and especially my babe.
i get the whole day off.
i wish i really liked my birthday but i really like the people i'll be surrounded by so i think i'll choose to love it. 

9 lovely notes:

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Sweet post! Lovely pictures of you - even the dorky ones!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday! Love all of the pictures and Jade looks so much like you! (I didn't know you got married on your birthday...ohh... who knew?!) Love you.

JKA said...

Happy Birthday! LOVED this post... especially the 16 yr old one... Wish I could have hung out with you sporting that sweet outfit!


Rad Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And ps your your hair is hot and oh so exciting!

Skye said...

i love love love the old pictures...thanks for sharing! happy birthday!!! you are truly wonderful and so i hope your day is as well!

Autumn Fauver said...

Thanks for sharing this is sweet and you've always been cute no matter what your wearing! Have a good day! :)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Melis! Hope your day was great! 26? WOW--you've lived a lot of life in 26 years!!

I love that picture of your dad...I told Eric the other night while we were driving home from Utah that he TOTALLY looks like Vic. (a compliment, of course!)

Hope all is well with you and your sweet Jack!!

m. estelle said...

happy belated birthday! you are a doll and i hope it was fabulous.

Melly Mel said...

thank you so much for the birthday wishes everyone! you guys are so great!


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