i cannot think of a better man than this guy right here.

to celebrate him all day (all birth-WEEK-- lets get real birthdays aren't just one day with me) 
was just simply the best.
this was the second birthday of his that we have celebrated together so it had to be better than the last one.  

it started off with decorating his room like so...
then we were able to meet up after his rotation at the hospital where we met in downtown LA for some plans i had for us.
he wanted to try out this new place we have never been, that his brother told us about but it was closed.
we went to LA CAFE which is open 24 hours and it was delicious. 

we walked to the MOCA up the street for some culture.  
part of my gift to him was 28 postcards from all of his friends and family that are from different parts of his life.  so he received one a day before his 28th birthday!  
at the MOCA they had an exhibit on postcards so it was fun to be there!
as most contemporary art is, it seems like we could do it on our own... but there were some that we found very interesting.

500 days of summer park bench!

for dinner, his friend dave and i planned a surprise dinner of food from where he served his mission!
11 people came -- so sweet.

we set up an outdoor movie in palos verdes and watched THE ARTIST

then lit a lantern to celebrate his birth!

another day jack and i decorated his room.
love me some pinterest ideas

we hydrobiked the long beach harbor

lunch on the other side of the harbor at our favorite place

some beach

korean bell - jack flying his board as a kite!

we found a beach near palos verdes with many rocks and a cave

cake time and the birthday song for our favorite guy!

sunset just for his birthday!
loved that we all played hookie and had a good time!
we love you brade!

1 lovely notes:

jaybs said...

What a Special Birthday You made for Bradley, to see all those smiles from the Three of You! is just Amazing and a Gift in itself.

Send Best Wishes to Bradley from me, even if late!

J xxx


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