thursday was a great and busy day.
it started out with hanging out with my sweet niece and fun nephew.
they found the magnifying glass and had me take this picture of them.

then over to my cousin jill's house to watch dane impress us with his charm.

then over to my brother and lindsay's house to help prepare elise's baby shower.
little asher hung with me and the lemonade.

he's sportin' the new bracelet bree gave him from her trip to fiji.

elise's bestie amanda and britt helped lindsay and i plan elise's shower.
it was fun to do a whale, grey and striped theme.
it was so nice to have so many people there to celebrate elise and baby finn with us!

always by the candy :)

one of my responsibilities was to plan the games. 
i had everyone carry clothes pins (3)
and if anyone got the person they are talking to say "BABY, FINN or BOY"
then they can take that person's clothes pin. 
whoever had the most, won.

then, i filled little bottles with blue gatorade and had a contest between 10 of the 50 people to drink it down the fastest. 
mama bean won!
impressively more than everyone else.

all of us lundquist sisters
bree, linds, mama elise and me

almost all of the party planners...

we love elise!!!

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michelle said...

hello lovely
I live in studio city now,
do you live near by? and dont you do hair? when I need my color done you should do it lol I dont know where to go down here! : )


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