chris and britt are in town weekend

we were so stoked to have family come in town!  all the way from houston.
chris and britt were here with chris' family in newport, so we were lucky to see them for a few days!

we ate at the new pita jungle before we met them.
this place is my ultimate favorite!
brady and jack both enjoy it almost as much as i do.  
good thing because i need more fans to come with me!

we met up with most of the family at doheny.
it was pretty cool to be out in the water with all the siblings and our kids- surfing together, catching party waves together.
a cool memory i'll never forget.

we went to sushi that night with them and then the next morning we took them to 24 beach in venice.
it was a huge breakfast and jack played "asleep, nose wars, thumb wars and funny face wars" with chris!

we kinda miss them a lot already!
come back to visit!

after dropping them off at the airport, we saw how brady would look with a rat tail. 
oh oh oh!
then sat on the temple grounds in newport beach.
loved it!
loved it so much that we got locked in.
had to hop the fence!

then we met up with my family to play catch and hang out at the park.
such a great weekend!

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