last days of summer activities

here are just some of the activities we did before jack went back to school!

we had a family dinner at bree's favorite place - baja tacos in aliso.
we all love it.
we all met together and wished bree well off to hawaii!

elise and asher baby!

my parents bought the grandkids ice cream to keep the kids
 sitting next to us instead of wanting to run around the table :)

this boy is adorable!

another day i took jack and his friend james to chuck e cheese!
jack loves this place.
this one by our house is super clean and has nice kids there.
they played and played.

(notice the kid climbing :)

they had a good time!!

then we went to costco before bed...
jack always finds bugs anywhere we go.

Brady and I took Jack to the Science Discovery Center.
we are all science nerds so we pretty much had a disneyland amount of fun there!
brady tried out the nail bed.
jack's body

they were being pretty funny!

brady was a sports announcer in spanish

he did a little shopping

here in this little area brady found a kid that was without his dad, so we brought him to the front.

we are loving summer!

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